Urea Molasses Block

Molasses which is a major by-product of the sugar industry is a good, palatable and cheap source of energy for ruminants. Use of liquid molasses by small farmers, however, is very limited due to problems related to transport, storage and legislation. One strategy to get over this obstacle and increase the use of molasses is through the manufacture of urea-molasses multinutrient blocks (UMMB). The technique is to mix the different ingredients in a container and to pour the mixture in moulds to solidify into blocks.

UMMB is formulated using ingredients including molasses, urea, cotton seed cake, wheat bran, rice bran, sunflower meal, different minerals like common salt, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, dicalcium phosphate as well as some amount of fat. We may also add some absorbent. Cement may be added as binding agent.