A balanced mixture which is prepared in such a manner that 3.5 to 4 Kg of it may support 10 litres of milk production. Normally in dairy animals this mixture is fed at rate of ½ of the milk yield (one Kg of concentrate mixture for every two litres of milk).

We provide a variety of wanda feed that includes.

  1. Milk Plus Gold


  • The feeding requirements for lactating cows are different from that of calves and heifers.
  • The amount of feed provided to the cows depends on the amount of milk it produces, its weight, temperature and levels of activity. Whatever the case, the cow needs balanced feeds that provide energy (carbohydrates and fats), protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins in sufficient amounts.
  • Our product Milk plus Gold is effective and whole some for the high yielding cattles. This is formulated on the basis of nutrional requirement of high yielders.
  • It is toxin free and boosts the immune system and protects the animal from the diseases and increases the animal milk production as well as reproductive performance.
  1. Milk Flow Super


  • Our product Milk flow super is formulated specially for average yielders to increase their production.
  • Average yielders can be converted to higher one only by neutrional management. The concentration of the useful nutrients in the feed is important for the good production performance and health of animal.
  • This product can increase the production of animal. This product contains all the essentials nutrients in required concentration of average yielders.
  • Free from aflatoxin and according to WHO’s recommendation.
  1. Milk Flow Plus


  • The neutrional requirements of the animal depend on the productivity, health and physiological stage of animal.
  • For good performance animals needs balanced ration (It is the feed or feed mixture which contains all the essential nutrients in right quality and quantity as required by the animals for maintenance, growth, work and production).
  • That provides energy (carbohydrates and fats), protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins in required amounts.
  • The feed given must be digestible so that the nutrients can be absorbed in the body and produce desirable results.
  • Milk flow plus meets all these requirements and produce fruitful results.


  1. Milk Supreme Plus


  • This is the maintenance ration for the animals the maintenance ration is the amount of balanced ration which is required to fulfill the maintenance need of a particular animal is called maintenance ration, maintenance requirement. This helps to keep the body weight of such an animal unaltered, since it is either, growing, not yielding milk, nor working. The maintenance ration has the following functions to be performed in the body.
  • To supply heat for the proper maintenance of body temperature.
  • To supply energy for proper functioning of heart brain, lungs and other vital organs of the body.
  • To repair the daily wear and tear of body tissue.
  • To compensate the loss of minerals from the body.
  1. Calf Grow Plus


  • The younger animals are the future producers. So there feeding management is very important for the futures profitable results.
  • The younger animal requires nourishment for their proper growth and development. Our product Calf Grow Plus is formulated for calves as a starter feed. It has essential nutrients which are required for the growing animals. Having high protein and energy ratios.
  • Improves the ruminal development.
  • Helpful for early weight gain of animals.
  • Boosts the immunity of animals.
  • Prevent from disease
  • Free from fungal toxins.
  • Helpful for the general good health of animal.


  1. Buffalo Plus


  • The feeding requirements for lactating buffalos are different from that of dry, pregnant and young animals.
  • The Physiological stage of the animal is related to the feeding requirement of the animal. This feed is formulated specially for the lactating buffalos.
  • Cows become habitual to feeding the wanda in short time as compare to the Buffalo. Buffalo don’t show likeness to wanda feed and take too much time to start eating it. To overcome this problem we formulate a product for the buffalo by adding palatable ingredient which is liked by this specie specially, which results in increased intake of the wanda which increases the production and maintain the general body score. It is wholesome and balanced ration for the buffalo.


  1. Meat Grow Plus


  • This is used for the fattening of animals.
  • Increases the body mass by the increasing the absorption of nutrients of high biological value.
  • Large amount of protein and carbohydrates are present in tis diet which results in high weight gain of animals.
  • Easily digestible and palatable.
  • Nontoxic for animal.