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Al Barkah feeds is working closely with farmers and suppliers, it provides safe and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of their animal. Al Barkah Feeds is operating in more than 200 (cities).  We believe in responsible leadership, creating Farmer’s profitable growth in Harmony with environmental sustainability and good cooperative citizenship

Pakistan is the world’s 3rd largest milk producer with 50million animals, produces 36.6 billion litters of milk (approximates) 10 million farming families have a direct impact on 60 million people and the contribution of milk to the country’s GDP stands at 11%

Pakistan is the third largest milk producing nation in the world over 10 million farming families are producing 36.6 Billion of milk annually. Dairy farming is characterized by fragmented, smallholder farmers operating at subsistence level. Absence of dairy farming knowledge limits their opportunities for commercial benefits.