Al-Barkah Dairy & Livestock Feeds is the leading brand in the dairy and livestock feeds industry and trusted name by 95% farmers of Pakistan.  We provide complete solution to your dairy, agriculture and livestock business like if it is our own. Our latest equipment  imported from most developed countries of the world help the farmers in the growth of dairy and agricultural products. Our objective is to introduce the most optimized solution for farmers to make them and Pakistan prosper in agricultural and dairy to increase exports. 

Al-Barkah professionals are always ready to help you in your farm management and we provide farmer friendly consultancy services which benefit farmers the most.

We produce balanced cattle feed to grow milk, meat and calf at the cheapest rates ever. We help you grow your cattle business to a level to which you have dreams.

Helping farmers in their milk growth production with fruitful advises and valuable cattle feeds.  20+ milk growth products of Al-Barkah for your livestock .

Our most advanced dairy, agriculture and poultry equipment is helping farmers to contribute in the dairy and agricultural exports of Pakistan to make country prosper.

The silage is very important feed in the time of scarcity such as in the dry season. It’s a good source of nutrients used as a replacement of green fodder. We provide all solutions about the silage making practices and services. We make the farmers wealthier by making sliages and reducing their cost for feeds. We are leading cotton silage exporter in Pakistan.

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Happy Farmers
Agricultural Products
When it comes to use the reliable milking machines for my cows and buffaloes I only recommend Al-Barkah Dairy and Livestock Feeds because they have most advanced machinery exported from different developed countries. It has been 7 consecutive years that I am still using milk machines I bought a time ago from Al-Barkah.
Ch. Sammad
Cattle Farmer
If you are looking for best and low price agriculture harvester, equipment and cattle machinery this is the best place to buy it from. I always buy equipment from Al-Barkah Dairy & Livestock Feeds for many harvesting companies who work in rural areas.
Jamal Khan
Harvester Driver
I have been using Al-Barkah Dairy & Livestock Feeds for last 3 years after which the milk growth of my cows has grown up to 38%. I highly recommend my farmer friends to use Al-Barkah products for their cattle.
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M. Akbar